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Bed Rest Days 14, 15, and 16


I’m discovering that I’m not so good at the “posting every day” thing.
Definitely something I need to work on, but for now, I’ll just get y’all caught up.

Day 14:
Today I had another doctor’s appointment.
It was supposed to be my last one, but apparently she has to see me again on Monday.
(2 days before my induction)


Day 15:
Today was Mom’s birthday!
Zack, my brother Mike, my best friend Scarlett, Scarlett’s mom, Scarlett’s niece, and I  threw Mom a surprise party!
We also decided to leave all the “Happy birthday” decorations up for when Korey is born.


Day 16:
Today probably shouldn’t count as a “Bed Rest Diary.”
Mom, being the “stickler for the rules” that she is, decided that it was within the bed rest code to take me to the air show.


I had a great time!

Until I got home.

Puking, contracting, hurting,


So, waddya  say, Korey? Ya ready to come out?





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