Being A Better Wife


My deep, dark confession is that I really suck at being a great wife. I work food service six days a week, and when I get home if he asks me to make him a sandwich, I want to punch him in the throat. I can’t stand to clean, but I hate a dirty house. I’m so stressed out that if the trash isn’t taken out, I stomp my feet and throw a good old-fashioned temper tantrum.

So, now I’m trying to figure out how out how to fix this. I already crossed one thing off the long list. I have finally come to grips with the fact that I have to stop waiting on him to be a better husband. I figure, statistically speaking, the more I focus on being a better wife, the more I’ll see the things I fell in love with him for. I used to be nice, playful, even funny. Somehow I have to find my way back to that.

The next step I’ve come to is learning to leave my stress at the front door every afternoon on my way inside. I only get about two hours or so with out son on days I work, and that stress is not what needs to be on my mind at that time. Not to mention, how is my husband supposed to look forward to my arrival if it’s always clouded by the problems of the day?

Step by step, I’m going to make this happen. We love each other, we work well together, we play well together, and the last step is living well together. I need to stop looking at how we used to be, and try to get to how utterly awesome we have the potential to be.

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