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Dear Mr. President.


    Dear Mr. President, With all due respect, do you honestly think the American people are ostriches? Do you think we have our heads buried SO far in the sand that we can’t see the many things that are happening under your reign that the Constitution is supposed to protect us from? It seems to me, that you, and [...]

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Turn it OFF!


There’s a truck outside with the alarm going off. It’s been going off for fifteen minutes. Is it not possible to press the little button that turns off the alarm? If it’s that difficult, would you mind me taking a crowbar to that beautiful truck of yours?   -sigh-   I know. Keep my blood pressure down. These people sure [...]

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I Refuse


  A lot of people have been asking me throughout my pregnancy if I’m “ashamed” or if I’m “regretful of my mistake.” No. I’m not. Nor will I ever be. This wonderful little blessing in disguise has made so many things possible for me. Korey Evander-Ray Wilkes has pushed Zack and me to make changes in our lives that desperately [...]

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