Dear Customer…


Dear Customer Who Threw 205 Degree Water At Me,

I was very sorry to hear that you didn’t like the idea of Vanilla Caramel hot tea, after I walked away from the register with a line of increasingly irritated customers all the way to the door to get you the hot water for it. I’m also very sorry that you then felt the overwhelming need to throw the cup of 205 degree water back across the counter at me in sorrow.

Something must have caused this to be an especially horrible day for you. It must have been horrible if it could cause you to take all your frustrations out on the next random person you saw, even the nice, smiley girl at the sandwich shop. I haven’t seen you since that day, but I do hope you have taken a much needed break from your stress, and had a
“you-day.” You deserve it, you know.

In the future though, maybe we should keep our water to ourselves, yeah?

  1. Cricket

    People just don’t think sometimes….

    • Haley

      That is exactly the point in this. I want people to think about these interactions, through the other person’s eyes.

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