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Three Things I Want to Learn This Year…


After giving this challenge a lot of thought, I realized that it wasn’t very difficult for me.
I’ve been thinking about this even before the challenge was posted.


During this new year, I need to reach several stepping stones in order to attain the goals
I’ve set for my new family and myself.


1. I want to learn anything I need to know so I can work from home.
This one is probably the most important. I want to follow in my Mom’s footsteps.
I see so many parents who don’t stop long enough to realize all that they’re missing
in their children’s lives until it’s too late. I don’t want to miss any milestones.
I want to be there whenever my children need me, and I don’t want them to have to
look far to find me.


2. I want to learn patience.
My entire life, I’ve always been go, go, go.
I want to learn to stop and, for lack of a better reference, smell the roses.


3. I want to learn to commit.
As hard as this may be for some of you to believe, it’s very hard for me to commit
to anything. I start many projects that I never finish. If I want to build my career,
I’m going to have to work really hard. I need to “buckle down” and just do what needs to be done.


Part of the reason why I decided to do this challenge is I need to be held to my word.
A good friend of mine, The Organic Geek, said “Telling the world what your target is will help hold you accountable.”




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